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In Trading frog for frog. i sent a frog and recieved a frog that was thought to be the same frogs just diffrent sexes. well i sent pics to the person and they accepted the trade. then when they got the frog they said that was not the frog i sent them pics of and indeed it was. even though it was the only kind of this frog that i had. i thought i had one color when i actually had another I purchased the frogs off a big frogger. that sold them to me as the color in question but they are actually that color but i only know what they were sold to me as.

The person demanded that it was not the frog i sent pics of and it was, what would everyone say to a situation like this?

Thanks for your time and consideration this is for future reference.

I ended up paying half to get my frog back and sent their frog back and paid shipping for that too.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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