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Feedback Wanted on Situation

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In Trading frog for frog. i sent a frog and recieved a frog that was thought to be the same frogs just diffrent sexes. well i sent pics to the person and they accepted the trade. then when they got the frog they said that was not the frog i sent them pics of and indeed it was. even though it was the only kind of this frog that i had. i thought i had one color when i actually had another I purchased the frogs off a big frogger. that sold them to me as the color in question but they are actually that color but i only know what they were sold to me as.

The person demanded that it was not the frog i sent pics of and it was, what would everyone say to a situation like this?

Thanks for your time and consideration this is for future reference.

I ended up paying half to get my frog back and sent their frog back and paid shipping for that too.
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What kind of frogs were they? I know I've seen people selling yellow (moreso orange) vitattus and copper vitattus. They are the same frog just with a different tone in colors. I think it is stupid when people try an pass off different color tones as different morph. Morphs are based on locality not the tone of their colors! Sorry kinda got off topic.
I'd say you both should have covered your own shipping.


they were suppose to be green aurantenia (sorry about spelling) but they said it was yellow. but they were purchased as green and thats what they were believed to be.
As far as I know there are only green and orange aurotaenia. Yellow really could belong to either one. If you sent them pics of it though, I would think it to be their problem, but it sounds like you handled it well.
I have no experience with that species, but would stress from shipping shift their color possibly?
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