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Are you looking for the BEST Full Spectrum CFL Bulbs to work in your Zoo Med® or Exo-Terra® light fixtures?
Well, I was too. For a long time. And I had tried practically EVERY so called daylight or " full spectrum" CFL out there.
Then I stumbled upon these Indoor Sunshine® bulbs a few months ago.
I figured I would get one and try it. I thought it would probably be just OK, like all the rest.
Well, It turns out it was better than just OK. Much Better.
That Indoor Sunshine® bulb exceeded all my expectations.
The natural colors of my dart frogs looked amazing. My broms colored up. Now I even have some masedevallia orchids that are sending up flower spikes.

I have been keeping all kinds of herps for 30+ years and I believe that these are THE BEST Full Spectrum CFL bulbs available to use for lighting reptiles and amphibians.
As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with the product I became a distributor and set up a website, .
I wanted to be able to offer Indoor Sunshine® Bulbs, along with other quality lighting products, to the herpetological community. is proud to offer Indoor Sunshine® CFLs in these 3 popular sizes:
The 25 watt bulbs fits the standard Zoo Med® and Exo-Terra® hoods.
The 30 watt bulbs are great in dome lights or custom light set-ups.
The 15 watt mini's fit right in the All Glass and Aqueon incandescent reflectors. (Turn those plain old incandescent aquarium strip lights into full spectrum power houses!)

Try Indoor Sunshine®, and if you don't agree it is the Best Full Spectrum Natural Daylight CFL bulb you have ever used, please return it for a refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with
Visit to place an order.
Thank you.
Todd C Goode
e-mail: [email protected]
Attention Breeders and Dealers-- Wholesale inquiries welcome. E-mail [email protected]


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Currently I have some of the 25W and 30W on a few of my tanks.

I have to admit the bulbs are bright, and the light thrown is an appealing spectrum to the eye. Now I havent tried a daily personal dose for my SAD syndrome yet :):) but that experiment is for next winter.

I did put the 30W in a larger 2light Exoterra fixture and havent seen any ill effects from excess heat, but it is a warmer running bulb then the 25W and the small exoterra 1light fixtures are more 'enclosed' and the plastic might be too close to the lamp for the high Watt bulbs. Might.

Im personally interested in the reflective tape Todd has been taughting as I think that would be an inexpensive investment to improve the reflector quality of most hoods and shop lights.

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