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Exoterra xl x-tall 36x18x36 build log

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Ok so pretty soon im going to start construction of my third and largest vivarium on an exoterra xl x-tall 36x18x36 tank. Im planning on doing a false bottom with a gs background and a waterfall/small stream. I already picked up the tank and have most of the materials i need so i will put together a mock up of my layout to try and see how it will work later this week. Ill post pictures when i do to get some feedback/advice before i start on the real build.

Anyway i figured for now id let you guys know what to expect and ask a few Qs in the mean time. I was considering getting some auratis for this tank when complete and prehaps getting a few long tailed grass lizards since it is such a tall enclosure and theyd be in a different niche in the tank. I also was considering if it would be okay to house my two anoles in it instead but dont think that would work becuase anoles are alittle more aggressive then ltgl. Maybe it would work cause the encloser will be so high and have the auratis on the bottom and the two anoles will spend most of their time on top. Any input on this?

Also my local reptile store has a display tank set up with a couple of different types of dart frogs, longtailed grass lizards and pygmy chameleons in the same tank. They said they always do fine in there and it is the smaller version of my tank(24x18x24), is this okay? I know you shouldnt mix stuff but i always see that tank there and all the animals seems to be healthy Would i be able to have a set up like this without problems?

And thats about it so ill post some pictures of my plans when i temporarily set things up and ask for some input before anything is permenant.
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Its turned out really nicely, good job.
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