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I'm planning out my next tank after being frogless for a few years and am looking to go with a front opening tank. Previously, I had a 29 gallon tall tank and two 10 gal verts with front openings. I liked the front opening style best, although I wasn't fond of the living hinge setup on the verts. I'd much prefer the hinged door type. I was thinking of going with a large Exo Terra, but after looking at prices, I don't think I care to spend $350 for one, and still have to make some mods to make it dart frog sealed. So I've begun looking into making my own.

I had started a build a few years ago with plywood, but didn't get very far before having to ditch it due to various circumstances. Now I'm back to the drawing board. I'm still debating what to do. My biggest concern with making my own is the door setup. My question is for those that have created your own. What door system is best and what are the pros/cons between sliding glass doors, living hinges, and side opening doors like the exos? Also if anyone has some good build examples, I'd appreciate it!
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