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Exo Terra Monsoon is more like a Dell performance desktop computer you pay out of the ass for
The Mist King System is a custom gaming rig :D

With Mist King you can add/remove hosing and nozzles. You can use however big of a reservoir you want. I bought a 5g Home Depot bucket and attached the Mist King bulkhead fitting to that. The Monsoon static reservoir lasts like a week I hear. Mist King you can go on vacation with :)

The Mist King pump is stronger and their Mist King seconds timer is 2nd to none. It just won't look as fancy as the Exo Terra package as its a stylish commercial product. Their nozzles are great. Even the plastic nozzles in the low and mid tier systems have 4 degrees of freedom movement so you can angle it any way you want.

You also can't argue that Mist King is more expensive as they just came out with a "value system" that is equal in price as the Monsoon. I also hear that if you buy a Mist King at a reptile show, they give discounts ;)

I just installed my Mist King 2 weeks ago and I love it. Can't imagine myself with a Exo Terra Monsoon.
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