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Well as some of you may notice in some of my threads earlier Im setting up a 166 gallon viv for pumilio and I'd love to put a pair or better a trio of escudo's in it, and Id like to know a bit about them since I cant find much on google. How large to they get I know they are the smaller ones of the pumilio. What do you guys use in there environment ect. and a price range for a pair or trio would be nice. Thanks
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I know but I want something that will raise its own tadpoles and utilize the whole tank like pumilio
I was debateing a group of inquitos vents but I'm gonna wait till the tanks ready and ill see what you guys and my family think I should put in it
Yah, I really do like the cristos, the basti's are ok and so are El Dorado they are unique in different ways so Im gonna have a rough time choosing :D
Retics are nice looking and the El dorado have caught my eye I don't know Its gonna be tough I was also thinking of a group of inquitos vents

EDIT could I have a 1:3 ratio of El dorado or no.
From what I heard earier you can have a nice group of them?
Yah so far its down to iquitos group and a 1:2 El dorado group I really love the look of both but I figured pums because the size of the tank would offer variuos egg laying sites and visual barriers I see how it works out. Well now its off to a big garage sale to hopefully find some tanks ;)
I got a 30 tall tank the other night and they will be going with that and I decided on a group of El Dorado 1:2
Ive acutally been debating several size tanks I think Im going to by a 70 tall from glass cages and put a divider in the middle and have basicly 2 18x18x25 terrariums and them i will blend them together to make them look natural and like its still just one big tank. Then im probably gonna put some El dorado in one side then escudo in the other I think that would be pretty neat
1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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