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Well as some of you may notice in some of my threads earlier Im setting up a 166 gallon viv for pumilio and I'd love to put a pair or better a trio of escudo's in it, and Id like to know a bit about them since I cant find much on google. How large to they get I know they are the smaller ones of the pumilio. What do you guys use in there environment ect. and a price range for a pair or trio would be nice. Thanks
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Another vote here for the vents. I don't know about the Iquitos locality overly, but vents usually THRIVE in communal groups. My Rio Napa and Borja Ridge vents are about as bold as any dart frog gets, and they use every cm of viv space, whether vertical or horizontal, that they can get to.

You WILL see them, even in such a big tank, and they will allow you a much bigger group size. They will actually also care for their own young if you let them. My Rio Napa vents are currently caring for their first small brood of 3 tads as I wanted to experience seeing the parental care, even if just the once. Unlike pums (or Escudos, if youa re going to consider them separate) however if you need to pull the eggs or tads for whatever reason you can do so happy in the knowledge that they will still do fine.

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