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Epipedobates hahneli tank?

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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for making a tank for Epipedobates hahneli? I was thinking that leaf litter would be great, and then some perchs for the males to call from... but not sure what else?
Like if they would use/prefer bromeliads or should I just use film canisters? If I use the canisters, what angles and placement has worked best for people? Do they prefer a more planted tank so they feel more secure (making them more bold), and will they hide if it isn't planted heavily? I have some ideas, but was looking for any good info from anyone else that has breed/worked with this species.

Also, I have heard they have a couple different calls (terretorial & courting for example). Does anyone know if any of these calls can be found online?
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I keep the 2 that I have in a ten gal tank . Lots of leaf litter and small low level plants are used. Try to make lots of little hidding spots out of rocks and wood also as they seem to like this. Also how many do you have and do you knowthe sexes? It sounded like you knew you had a male. I have what appears to be 2 females. If you happen to have 2 males I would be interested in talkin to you.

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