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It makes sense that the drug company would do European trials first. The FDA is so strict and the data they gather is extensive so it takes longer to market a drug. Thus drug companies go to Europe where they can perform drug studies without the restrictions. I saw Dr. John Daily's talk at the first IAD, and he discussed this subject. The epibatidine is attached to a toxic section of the molecule. They cleaved off the toxic part and found a possible drug for nicotine receptors. They can't make it in a lab, the molecule is too complex for chem labs to make, so they tried to make on as close as possible, to the original. I guess they succeeded. It is apparently 100 times more powerful than morphine at killing pain without the narcotic side effects (sedation, respiratory depression, etc). The target is for cancer patinets. :wink:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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