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Hi all,
I have an old T5HO 54W ballast (Arcadia ACE154), but 54W T5 tubes are too long for the viv. However, there are 55W CFL tubes (4pin long types: Narva KLD-L 55W/958 Narva Bio Vital) which seem to have a decent spectrum, a bit of UV, and about approx. 3600 lm which would fit in the viv.

I know some 54 watt ballasts are compatible with both T5 and these types of CFL, but I don't know if all of them are. Does anyone have any experience retrofitting T5 ballasts for CFL or know if this may work? I've taken apart the T5 controller, but the ballast is coated in a waterproofing substance so I cant get to a part or model number unfortunately. Seems silly buying a new ballast if all I have to do is buy a 2$ lampholder.

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