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electricity buildup up in RO unit?

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This is going to sound weird, but I was filling my bottle with RO water and I felt static building up around the bottle. I touched the water inside and received a nasty shock!

At first I was worried that it could have been a short since our washing machine broke and my dad thought it was because the ground wire wasn't connected to the water pipe. The repairman came and disconnected the ground wire, and the unit was still plugged in. My dad then unplugged the old washing machine.

Today, I filled my bucket up again. The same thing happened with static buildup. However, when I touched the water from the tap, no shock whatsoever-- before or after using the RO unit. What's going on?
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In my experience adding water is the best way to kill static electricity. Could it be coming from anywhere else?
Water itself isn't conductive. It's the stuff IN water that makes it conductive. And RO water has no stuff in it. So I don't see how the water itself could be the culprit.
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