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Eggs or dead FFs?

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I can't tell if these are eggs or dead FFs. I thought the eggs would appear black(ish). I don't want to pull the pill jar out if there is "nothing".




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I don't think I can tell any better than you can from the pics.
If they were imi egg pics, I'd say they were eggs... but if the embryos are dark grey to black, I'd say they were eggs w/fungus.

Pull 'er out! You got no choice unless you take a better pic sans the leaf shading and blurry focus...
Poul them anyway. Unless they are pumilio, you can artificially raise them.
The species in question is P. vittatus. If they are eggs I will cull them. I just don't want to dig in there without need. Thanks... Seems like some mixed reviews though...

I am going to pull the pill jar tomorrow morning. I will take pics for conclusive analysis(If needed). I hope they are eggs to guarantee I have the female I thought I did... ;)

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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