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So i was misting tanks today and found eggs in a couple vivs so i did a search of thumb tanks and was pretty stoked. I found green lamasi eggs, varadero, std imi, and vent eggs. :) i left the vents to takw care of their eggs since they have raised me a few froglets now. Everything else got pulled. The last green lamasi eggs i found i left for them to take care of but they didnt lol so ima try :D
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Nice, man! That's awesome. Best of luck to ya!
Congrats Trev. Now you just need standard lamasi eggs to complete the set!
It is my main goal right now to get the std. lamasi breeding that is for sureeeeee
That's awesome, congrats:). I hope you have good turns out. Good luck and make sure you give us updates with LOTS of pics.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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