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E. Tricolor Breeding

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Does anyone have any particularly good ideas for breeding E. Tricolor? I have a St. Isabella morph, and was wondering if anyone has any good tips to get them to breed? All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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tricolors breeding

I would say a pair should work, but almost everyone I have ever talked to about tricolors says they do best in groups. Since the calling of one male will spur another, so there is some healthy competition. I can't talk from experience yet, but I will be keeping one type in a small group and another as a pair. Maybe I will notice some differences so I can make a better judgement from my own experience. But I think either way you should get breeding. Also, the larger the group the more space you should give them. If they are crowded too much it might cause more fighting and loss of eggs.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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