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Hi there.

Its time to show you all my paludarium, build from an old aquarium.

Sizes: 106x107x35 (yeah its not to deep.)


The aquarium at the beginning.

I've build a nice place for it to stand on

Taken care of the aquarium.

The lightsource and the false bottom with the viv in between.

Total shot, after the paint + epoxy

Building of the background.

More isolation foam

And after a couple of day's :)

Coated with peatdust and tile adhesive (roughly translated from dutch to english, i really don't know if you guys know these products by these names)

And for further information:

I'm using an falsebottom, all the water from the bottom is filterd and pumped up again to the waterfall.
There are 2 PL lights in the lightsource, and i'm gonna need to attach something to keep the fruitfly's out of my room and the frogs frog climbing to the lights.

This is my first viv i've ever build, i've been reading these forums for the past years to gather information and now its my turn to build one.
When the front windows are in place, i'm gonna check the humidity etc. for a couple of weeks.

And then decide what frogs to pick.

Hope you'll enjoy these photo's, because there will be more in the future ;)

(Btw the last 2 pics are huge... is there an code to shrink them?)

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Hang on... its update time :cool:

First off is my first inhabitant in the tank.
It looks like some sort of ichneumon wasp... never saw one though... but there's no room for you mister wasp.. down the drain with you :D
Must make place for the frogs :)

Second my Philodendron micans spurs

And last but not least.. the total view.
(don't mind the white spots... those are exposed after raining the tank).
I've been growing moss to cover them :)

And i've also planted small pieces of Ficus on the background, so thats gonna be a nice covering after some time :)

I'm trying to make an perfect tank for the epipedobates tricolor highland.
But first some weeks (if not months) of creating an well cycled tank for the little guys.

Hope you'll like it.

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First some pictures to warm you guys up.

The echeveria black prince :)

The Hypoestes is blooming

Tank shot (blurry image :p )

De Highlanders have arrived :D

Epipedobates Anthonyi *Highland* x4 (sex unknown)

Thats it for now.

I'm giving my frogs some time to discover the tank etc.
Hope you've enjoyed the pics :)
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