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you would first need to obtain a USF&W import/export liscence, then find someone overseas to arrange the CITES exports permits from the country of origin, so you could get them into the US, then asumming you get that you have to schedule an appoinment with a wildlife inspector, which used to be they say about 72 hours in advance, and of course this has to be done at one of a handfull of CITES designated ports of entry throughout the US, or else you will have to get a designated port exemption permit to go along with your import export permit. And of course make sure there are no discepencies between the number and species of frogs on your permits, and what you are actually bringing.

Importing and exporting to and from the US is not the most fun thing in the world., but it can be done with proper planning
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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