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I have about a 3 month old dumpy tree frog with discoloration. I do not think this is normal does anyone know what I can start doing to help relieve him? I do not have a herp vet in my area. If I need a prescription where should I go? I think this is fungal. Heres some pictures
They dont seem to be showing - the pictures. If you try again photos of the enclosure and the things inside it might be helpful.

I wouldnt come to any conclusions about what it is if I were you.

Ive been involved with alot of these guys and the folks that have them. They get hurt alot more easy than is often talked about on the internet. A thing that I have seen were abrasions from getting away and being drawn out from beneath where they were hiding, as well as younger sibling handling incidents.

Try calling a vet anyway and see about a referral.
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