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Oddly the same thing happened to one of my froglets a month or so ago. I had put a froglet near to morphing into a froglet tank as I often do, and just let the froglet climb out. A day or so later I looked at the cup the froglet was in, and saw a lifeless body floating on top and thought thelittle guy just did not make it out of the cup, but then saw him at the bottom and realized it was one of the month old froglets from the tank that had apparently climbed in and drowned.

I poured him out and no movement, I kind of pushed on his chest a few times (and yes I am trained in CPR) and left him on his side. I checked on him occasionally over the next half hour or so, and resolved to removing him from the tank as there had been no change in position. I put it off for another hour and came back only to find him sitting up normally.

He is still looking good today, so I have to affirm you statement :"Don't throw the drowned froglet out with the tadpole water! "

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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