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I went to an interesting seminar today. The speaker was Dr. Cori Richards-Zawacki of Tulane University. Her research involves many amphibian-related topics including pumilio evolution and chytrid among others. The talk today was on the chytrid fungus and amphibian behavior when infected with chytrid.

A few interesting points on the talk:

- Many frogs who tested positive for Bd were found to bask in order to raise their internal body temperature. Many times, this pushed the temperature passed the temperature at which the fungus can survive.

- Also, Bd is endemic to Louisiana. Endemic amphibian species can be infected by Bd, but there is currently no evidence showing negative health effects or mortality of endemic species infected by Bd.

- The Green Tree Frog, Hyla cinerea, shows even greater resistance to Bd. There has never been a report of positive Bd infection of H. cinerea in the wild. She mentioned that Green Tree Frogs can be infected in the lab, but only under ideal conditions for Bd growth and only at low levels of infection.

- Lastly, a new study shows that Bd also affects crawfish. Upon dissection, the intestines of crawfish have been found to be infected by Bd.
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