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I've recently had the chance to sit down and watch in depth the breeding behaviors of my newly acquired Castaneoticus. It's a relatively young 3.2 group with the oldest frog being around a year old. In the past week, they've laid two small clutches of 3-4 eggs each time.
The strange thing is that both times they've bred, I've noticed that there are 2 males and 1 female present each time. They all seem to congregate on the same leaf and engage in normal courtship behavior, except that the female strokes the backs of both males, all the while doing their courting dances. After the eggs are laid, one male stands over them, fertilizes them, and then moves on. Immediately following him is the second male who also stands over them and fertilizes. I've left the last clutch in the vivarium over the past couple of days just to get the chance to observe a little more, and I've noticed that both of the males regularly guard the eggs. Neither of the males ever show signs of aggression towards the other and just seem to be happy co-existing with one another.
Has anyone else had an experience or heard of any kind of joint paternal care in pdf's? It's been very interesting to witness this and I'd like to get some input and responses if anyone has any to offer :D .
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