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I'm a HUGE DIY'er. I've even created a Habitat controller utilizing an Arduino that controlls many functions of automation. I've also been down the road of DIY misting... needless to say I own a monsoon (Junk) and now my mistking.. i'd have had enough for two mistkings between failed attempts, left over junk, and the worthless monsoon.

As for the timer, an arduino is exactly what you need, some Solid-state relays, an RTC and some 120V sockets is all you need and you can control up to miliseconds as well as days/weeks/months. (I'm currently looking into automating Feeding/powdering using the days function every other day dust, and all others regular feed. but this is a serious WIP and probably a huge flop lol but it's something to keep me from buying more tanks/frogs and eventually a divorce ;) )PM me if you want to chat up any of the above.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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