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Different springtails?

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How many different varieties of springtails do we have in the hobby and do we have a vendor that sells the specific varieties? (other than tropical and temperate)

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So I am really just looking for a few vendors that sell different varieties of springtails?

I want to have several different cultures going at once.

I ran through the vendor list and the only thing I can find is temperate and tropical springtails.

I have got a trio of Blue jeans and a pair of bastis coming sometime in the next month. I want to make sure I have several cultures of each type of spring producing by the time the frogs arrive.

I was also giving thought to start some isopod cultures just in case.


Does anyone know where i can get pink springtails ?


I am all over your posts like springs on white rice. I have already read through your culturing thread and your clay soil recipe. You are making this hobby better with every one of your posts.

The real problem I am having is locating starter cultures. ( oh and I didn't have enough posts to put this thread in the wanted section)

1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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