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Different springtails?

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How many different varieties of springtails do we have in the hobby and do we have a vendor that sells the specific varieties? (other than tropical and temperate)

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There are pink springs as well, which are pretty big, but they don't breed nearly as fast as temporate or tropical springtails. Also, there are black springtails as well.

Feeling Froggy - You'll have to post a pic of the blue springtails. They sound neat! Also, try feeding your springs bakers yeast. Once I switched over completely I didn't have any problems with mites and reproduction skyrocketed. :) I have to give credit to Ed for that little tip.
The pinks take a while to get going, but once you have a nice start, they reproduce very nicely. Perhaps you just need to up your culture size to a plastic shoebox size. Mine do great in those cultured on charcoal and fed active yeast. Also, it should be noted that the Pinks seem to establish better than most inside your viv. When I seed several different types, two months later the pinks have a definite foothold over the other types. This has made the pinks my favorite choice. If I could only culture one type (God forbid!) it would be the Pinks.
A note on the blues. I was given a start of blues in a microfauna trade a couple of months ago. The original grower uses a VERY wet media. Looks like basically potting soil. He keeps pools of water at the bottom so we are talking TOTALLY SATURATED. While I intend to experiment with different medias, I certainly won't deny that they thrive in the very wet conditions.
Oh I do have them in a shoebox and they are breeding well, just not as quickly as the others. Still though, they aren't disappointing in the least and they do indeed do well in my vivs. :) Definitely let me know when you have some of those blue springs available! :)

Armson - You might want to ask a guy named Doug AKA: "Pumilio" AKA: "The Spring King" about buying some springtails. He says he's taking a break from selling, but selling springs is like joining the mob. You can't just quit. lol Just don't tell him I told you. ;)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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