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Different springtails?

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How many different varieties of springtails do we have in the hobby and do we have a vendor that sells the specific varieties? (other than tropical and temperate)

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I personally have 3 types of springtail and 3 types of isopods.

Pink, white, and blue springs. Dwarf grey, and two small tropical types. One white and one with a blk stripe.

The blue springs aren't doing much and I need to try some more ecperimenting with setting them up. I got them from a plant importer. Very active medium sized spring. The other two produce like crazy!!

My grey isos are crazy how fast the reproduce. The other two I'm still yrying to figure out how to set them up right as well.

I will have my ad up next Monday for my bugs. Good luck... I'd like to know how many types you end up with.
Fusion, look at page one... Oops!! LOL

I agree that the pinks are by far the most prolific and behind them would be the whites. For isos the greys do best for me. Maybe its the local climate. Dwarf whites are a close second.

I'll somehow try a wetter substrate for the blues. Im also keeping them on a porting soil mix. Very sandy and nutrient rich. In fact I was in one of the cultures today to check for progress and there were plants growing in the culture lol.

Armons... Sending you a pm.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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