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I just went to the health food store and looked for brewers yeast. They had several different varieties. They had bulk that was $20/lb! Then there was bottled brewers yeast that was $7/18oz. and imported yeast that was still cheaper.

My question is what is the difference in the prices, are there different grades? Second, what is the difference between brewers yeast and imported yeast. I looked on the can and they are both the same specie except that the imported is grown on almonds, I think. Hope someone can answer this, the employees couldnt.

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We also get ours from, they ship quickly and we haven't had any issues with their service or quality.

From everything I have been able to read, there are 2 distinct types of brewers yeast.
1. Is a byproduct of the brewing process.
2. Is raised for commercial, ex: health food stores use.

You can really tell which one is which by the smell. The 1st has a stronger odor than the 2nd. I work next door to Anheuser Busch and I am often greeted by the smell of the 1st after work.

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