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Dendrobates sp. (duellmani or not???)

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Hi everybody,
do you have any idea, which specie represents frog from my gallery (marked as duellmani)?
Thanks for help
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Thanks for response.
The problem is, that duellmani shouldnt have an orange stripe on sides (Schulte).
My information is, that frogs are from Iquitos region, Peru.
By my opinion it couldn´t be a form of ventrimaculatus, because my frogs lay eggs on shaded leaves, not into the water as ventrimaculatus and are living on ground.

The question is, if it is duellmani or new specie?

I dont know the name of nearest river, but parents were collected on right bank of Amazonas river, few hours in front of Iquitos.

Thanks again for your help.

The locality is on right river bank of Amazonas, close to Iquitos(left river bank).

I will make a picture of venter soon, but the color is yellow with a little of green. The same as duellmani, I think.

The call is very soft, several times repeted without pause between , approx. one second lasting each.

But I have received a picture of right duellmani and this frog has no orange stripes on sides and ventral pattern are connected to black stripe.
I will ask the author for permition to put the picture on forum.

1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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