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Dendrobates sp. (duellmani or not???)

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Hi everybody,
do you have any idea, which specie represents frog from my gallery (marked as duellmani)?
Thanks for help
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I've spent some time in the Iquitos region and am familiar with duellmani. This frog is definetly duellmani, although it is slightly different than the one I have seen in the wild. Duellmani is pretty easily characterized by the parallel stripes down the back, but side and venter coloration is fairly variable.

The behavior you are describing sounds just like duellmani in the wild. I found them almost always in the leaf litter or a few feet above the ground in Guzmania bromeliads. As far as the orange goes, I saw frogs ranging from deep red to orange. So I believe it is a duellmani, but without precise locale information, it is hard to say exactly which morph. Do you have a picture of the venter?

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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