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Hi Just need abit of advise, my auratus laid some eggs last week, 9 in total but 7 are developing good, they are at the tiny tapole
stage. When they were laid and after the male did his business I put them into a container to rare them myself so would have better
luck with the far so good.
Now after I took the the eggs out i noticed the two frogs always are in the bromileda now to my suprise they laid another 8 eggs all are
fertile, based on how the others developed.
How my questions is should i leave these in the viv and let the parents rare them, if I take them out will they lay another cluch, im abit
worried that might stress the frogs out by getting their act together to lay another cluch.
Also if I leave them in if I put a small water dish will the male carry them to the dish?
Any suggestions what to feed the tapoles when they hatch, first time, I know you can get specific food for them, is it worth it
or just use fish food?

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