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??? I have a juvenile varadero and he is around the size of your pinky nail. I doubt that he was much smaller when he morphed out so I'm finding it hard to believe that your frog is that small.
you should see some of his posts on here...they are lulzy
no disrespect or anything but some things make no sense.

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Plus when I get my orchids Ill make a cork section which should provide some extra stability for the floating clay sections
yeah but it will only give support at the bottom or wherever you put it.
I have seen on here where people try to use a support but it still falls.
Once it detaches itself at the top it will be top heavy then it will just topple over the cork bark.
the cork bark would have to be at least half as thick as the clay or more for it support it and not to fall.
I still don't know if it will be enough support if that piece of wood is resting on the clay....I just noticed the wood so yeah it will definitely be top heavy if that wood is resting on the clay.

Is your water feature made of clay?
If so that clay will eventually begin to break down and pretty much start to turn mooshy and have a landslide effect ...unless you are barely running it and letting biofilm build up to protect the clay from the water.
You might get lucky tho but it has happened to a few people on here.
Clay backgrounds are tricky from what I heard and I don't think I will attempt one for a while.
Most people wait until they gain experience before attempting clay backgrounds.

good luck tho :)

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Big disappointment today.

Today was the reptilica fair, and I was stoked to get some inhabitants. I actually got up early this morning and tweaked the viv a bit. I thought I could be stubborn and keep the viv the same or be save and not risk getting a big hunk of clay falling on a frog so I relocated the nephenthes.

Alas at Reptilica there was count them... one dart frog. A sole auratus was the only dart frog I could find. there where thousands of snakes, lizards even a good selection of fire bellies but no darts in sight. So to ameliorate my disappointment somewhat I went wild at a plant stand. They had really cool things (orchids! yeah) unfortunately nothing was named. So here are a couple of pictures, I might still tweak a bit (or a lot i''ve not figured it out yet). Here it goes:

besides 5 new orchids i've added a begonia (next to the water feature) a fern (came with one of the orchids) and a cool species bromeliad.

does anyone have a clue what its name is?

I think at least one of the orchids is a bulbophylium but i'm have no clue as to the others. If anyone has an idea please let me know (Blooming would make ID ing a lot easier but just a hint to the genus would be a great help)

this one is tiny

I suspect this is a bulbo, it was living with the fern

THere are two different ones on this piece of mossy cork

Well thats it, my quest continues
I'm glad you toned that chunk down :D
I have still read tho that it really isn't about size and that the smallest of pieces of clay fall from being placed in small patches.
I'm sure that wood isn't too heavy but I would have siliconed both the wood and the cork bark to the glass so there is no additional weight on the clay then put the clay around it.
I hope it works out for you tho, it's a beautiful viv :)
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