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First I would like to thank everyone who has supported DFD over the years. So many kind words and loyal customers. It has been great fun meeting and supporting your hobbies over the years. I am not leaving the frog world but have been given a career opportunity that is too good to pass up and will require more time than I have currently with caring for the frogs.

All frogs have been sold.

I have quite a bit of inventory and supplies that I need to move. I am looking for someone to make a bulk purchase of everything and do not have the time to sell things off piecemeal. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to start a business or for one of our current sponsors to obtain stock and materials for a great low price.

As I mentioned I prefer to sell all together but I do have a few items I will sells separately if need be (taking offers). Some of the items are used and need a good cleaning but are otherwise in perfect shape. Those items are:

1. Fully planted 125 gallon vivarium with drips walls and waterfall/pond. This has been up and running for over 3 years and is filled with all types of plants including mosses, orchids, broms and others. Most of the plants in the front are still potted and can be moved/removed if preferred. In the time I have had the tank running it has never required any maintenance other that refilling with water. One of the plastic braces on the top was cracked during a move but has been supporting the weight of the lighting easily with a brace. Comes with wood stand and lights. PICK UP ONLY...VERY HEAVY! Tank alone is worth over $400 without the stand.
There is also a short movie here: Photo's/Inventory Selloff/MOV09762.MPG

2. Unique 36x24x36 Terrarium
This is a great tank I picked up years ago. I have used it for keeping Emerald Tree Boas, Giant Monkey Tree frogs, Giant Leaf-tail Geckos, as well as huge dartfrog setups. It has a removable screen top and full sized swinging side door with latches for locks. It is water tight and can support ponds or false bottoms and would be a great palludarium. Comes with wooden stand. Purchased for $400.

3. 55 gallon aquarium with stand and mesh screen lid

4. GrowLab 120L Indoor Grow Room
This thing rocks! I bought this to maintain live mosses, broms, orchids and other plants I carried for sale. It is a fully vented grow room with full size water catch, vents, fully opening back door as well as front doors with windows. The interior is fully reflective. Also available is #5 which I currently use for lighting. You can get more information on the item here:

5. Hydrofarm T5 4ft 6 tube commercial fixture with 6400k fluorescent bulbs
This thing again rocks! Will have everything in the grow room green and blooming. Also great for growing light intensive plants (orchids, broms, mosses) in large, deep tanks such as the one's I have listed above.
Hydrofarm - Hydrofarm FLP46 T5 4Ft/6-Tube Designer System w/ Bulbs

6. Current NOVA Extreme 4 x T5HO Lighting Fixture/bulbs with Moon Lights
These are again great for high light need plants as well as marine tanks with corals needing high light. Nova Extreme 4XT5HO | Current-USA

7. Current 20" 2 lamp 40W 24 Hour Lighting System/bulb with Moon Lights
These are again great for high light need plants as well as marine tanks with corals needing high light. 20 inch 2x40 Watt Current USA PowerCompact Orbit Fixture

8. 11 Storage Racks (3 x 18" deep, 2 x 24" deep, 2 x Fruit Fly Culture racks with glass culture prep table, 2 x 36" Bakers Racks, 2 x 48" long)

In addition to these items I have the following inventory:

Volume Item
1000 Gallon Ziplock Bags
6 1" Bulkhead Fittings
7 1/2" Bulkhead Fittings
4 3/4" Bulkhead Fittings
6 Drilled 10 gallon horizontal aquariums
6 Drilled 10 gallon vertical aquariums
6 10 gallon horizontal conversion kits
5 10 gallon vertical conversion kits
10 Unassembled conversion kits with hinges and knobs
3 12x18 Zoo Med Cork Tile Backgrounds
4 18x18 Zoo Med Cork Tile Backgrounds
3 18x24 Zoo Med Cork Tile Backgrouds
500 33 Gallon Trash Bag Liners
20 48" Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures (shop lights)
500 4oz Tadpole Cups
44 8" Hanging Plastic Pots
4 20" Alder Logs
11 42" Alder Logs
2 All Glass Aquarium Silicone, Black, 3oz
1 All Glass Aquarium Silicone, Clear, 3oz
1 API Tap Water Conditioner, 4oz
2 API Tap Water Conditioner, 1.25oz
10 Aquarium Silicone, Clear, 10oz tubes
75 feet Large Biovine
75 feet Small Biovine
5 Blackwater Expert, 16oz
5 Blackwater Expert, 8oz
20 Assorted Neo. Broms
2 Charcoal, 5lbs
2 Charcoal, 1lb
10 bags Chartreuse Lichen
4 Cobra Under Tank Heat Mats
1 Coconut Fiber Panel 8" x 23"
1 Coconut Water Bowl
40 Cold Shipping Packs
3 Coralife 18" Lighting Fixtures
15 Cryopack Phase 22 hard shipping panels
34 Cryopack Phase 22 soft shipping packs
8 2lb bags of Dartfrog Depot Fruit Fly Media
1 Digital Shipping Scale
2 Dried Mood Moss, gallon bag
2 Eco Earth Bricks, 3 pack
10 Eco Earth Brick
3 Epiweb Branch, Medium
1 Epiweb Flat Back Hanging Pot, Large
1 Epiweb Flat Back Hanging Pot, Small
10 Epiweb Hanging Pots, Large
6 Epiweb Hanging Pots, Medium
5 Epiweb Pots, Large
5 Epiweb Pots, Medium
3 Epiweb Panels, 6.5" x 14"
2 Epiweb Panels, 8.5" x 17.5"
1 Epiweb Panel, 5" x 9.5"
1 Epiweb Substrate Cubes, gallon bag
2 Excavator Clay Substrate, 25lbs
3 Excavator Clay Substrate, 10lbs
5 Excavator Clay Substrate, 5lbs
6 Excelsior, gallon bag
1 Excelsior, case 16x24x15 box
1 Exo-Terra Background 12x12
4 Exo-Terra Background 12x18
3 Exo-Terra Background 18x18
1 Exo-Terra Background 18x24
1 Fiberglass Screening Roll 36x84
1 Flexi-branch, large
1 Flexi-branch, medium
2 Floral Wire, 100ft
1 Fluker Analog Hygrometer
1 Fluker Analog Thermometer
1 Fluker Analog Thermometer/Hygrometer
5 Forest Bed, large value sized giant brick
15 Forest Bed, brick
10 Frog and Tadpole Bites, bottle
12 Fruit Fly Cups, 25/sleeve (300)
6 Vented Fruit Fly Culture Lids, 50/sleeve (300)
10 Grey and Black Lichen, bag
1 Hydroton, 50L bag
7 Hydroton, 1 gallon bag
50lbs Instant Potatoes (for fly media)
34 Insulated Shipping Containers for frogs
4 Jungle Bed, 1 liter
2 Jungle Bed, 5.5 liter
2 cases Lacy Mossy Branches
2 Large trash bags full of packing peanuts
1 Large (~50L) sack of peeled coconut husks
33 Live Oak Leaves, gallon bag
5 Methylene Blue, 4oz
4 MiniJet 606 Pumps
250+ Misting parts, fittings and nozzles, misc
1 Misc. timers and extension cords
700ft Misting Tubing, 1/2"
1000ft Misting Tubing, 1/4"
4 Mossy Branches, small
10 Nature Zone Mite Guard Liquid, 8oz
10 Nature Zone Mite Guard Powder, 2oz
5lbs Naturose Astaxanthin Color Supplement
7 Old Mans Beard Lichen, bag
2 Penn Plax Plastic Terrarium Containers, 14x9x6
1 Perfecto Glass Aquarium Canopy (fits 30, 34H or 45H tanks)
200 12oz Plastic Containers
950 16oz Plastic Containers
875 12/16oz Plastic Container Lids
34 Plastic Plant Starter Trays
20lbs Powdered Cinnamon
5lbs Powdered Vanilla
4 Repashy Calcium Plus ICB, packs
10 Repashy Insect Gut Load, packs
13 Repashy Plus, 5.3oz bottle
1 Repashy Rescue Calcium
5 Repashy Supermin, packs
7 Repashy Superpig, packs
6 Repashy Superpig, 5.3oz bottle
5 Repashy Superveggie, 5.3oz bottle
12 Repashy Supervite (5.3oz bottle)
2 RepCal Calcium
4 Repti-glo 5.0 15w bulb
2 Repti-glo 5.0 20w bulb
4 Repti-glo 5.0 14w bulb
2 Slimpaq Extreme T5 24" 24w bulb
2 Slimpaq Extreme T5 36" 39w bulb
10 Spirulina Algae Powder, 500 grams
5 Spirulina Algae Powder, 6oz
1 Spruce Bark, gallon bag
4 Solid Styrofoam Shipping Container
2 Sunpaq 18w dual daylight bulb
3 Sunpaq 40w dual daylight bulb
30 T12 48" 40W fluorescent bulbs
1 Coconut Hut, top hole, polished
2 Tree Fern Fiber Pots, medium
1 Tree Fern Fiber Pot, small
1 Tree Fern Fiber Totem, medium
5 T-Rex Coconut Bark, 5.5 Liters
11 Uniheat 40 Hour Heat Packs
5 Uniheat 60 Hour Heat Packs
50+ USPS Shipping Boxes, assorted sizes
6 Zilla 24-7 Digital Timer Power Center
1 Zilla 24-7 Dual Analog Timer Power Center
1 Zilla 500w Temperature Controller
1 Zilla Analog Power Center
5 Zilla Coconut Husk, brick
3 Zilla Compressed Frog Moss, 3.5oz
4 Zilla Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
3 Zilla Fir and Sphagnum Peat Moss Mix, 1.1 liter
5 Zilla Jungle Mix, 5.5 liter
3000 Ziplock Bags, assorted sizes
1 ZooMed Analog Hygrometer
4 ZooMed Analog Thermometer
11 Zoomed Analog Thermometer/Hygrometer
1 ZooMed Digital Thermometer with Probe
5 ZooMed Eco Earth Substrate, Loose Mix, 8.8 liters
1 ZooMed Repti-Fogger
5 ZooMed Substrate Mesh 18 x 18
5 ZooMed Substrate Mesh 12 x 12
3 ZooMed Terrarium Moss, Small Bale
1 Diversitech Condensate Pump
1 case Dried Tree Moss

In addition there as many other items not listed that will go with the purchase associated with running a dartfrog related business such as packing tape, office supplies, labels, plastic tubs, plastic sheeting, misc hardware items, etc.

Again I would like to state that my preference is a single bulk sale. If I need to break things up I will not be able to provide the huge discount I am offering for a single sale and costs will be higher accordingly. All in all I paid over $4000 for these items. The grow room, lighting and tanks alone put me over $2000. I am looking for a $2000 takes all if you can pick up yourself. I will load and drive within 4 hours from DC for an additional $500.


Thanks for everyone's interest and looking forward to hooking someone up with a good start or some cheap inventory for their ventures!


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$2,000 is a smokin deal for all that! Wish I was close! If anyone halfway between Maryland and Cali hit me up. We can go half.

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I already called dibs on that 125gal Gary!

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Both offers for a full sale fell through. I will be breaking things up from here. I am giving preference to those who can PICK UP at my location in Bethesda, MD.

Pricing will be based on order size.

Please email me directly at [email protected] or to arrange a time to stop by call me at 925.353.7840.

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Give me a ring (check your email) ... I might be able to get some stuff out to CA for you.

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