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Yes we do, a mix of midge larvea mosquito larvea and bloodworms,so far on an anacdotal first year level all is really good,i have just seen abit of sls in tads that have not been fed live grub actually,i wouldn't want to attribute this to the lack of live food thats for sure and have adressed this with a bimonthly supp of vit A, in the parents but the coincidence is there nevertheless.
Although it is timeconsuming getting the wild stuff i love the fact that it makes the tads hunt for their dinner (interesting facet to observe) and it doesn't appear to foul the water.Please note we live in England so there might be issues over there i don't have to contend with. We haven't tried daphnia as all our live grub is sourced here,and as of yet we have seen no daphnia here
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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