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DAP Acrylic latex caulk plus silicon

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Is this stuff safe to use with my great stuff background?
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I would return it and get the DAP 100% silicone. That is what I have always used, and it is rated FDA food safe when cured (which I haven't seen on the GE Silicone).
I agree. The caulk is a different formula and gasses out for quite awhile after curing. We have used GE silicone at work to seal seams inside cooler/freezer boxes because that was recommended by the factory. If is can be used in a food storage area it must be food safe.
no caulk

I used caulk one time to test it out, and within a few days of 100% humidity, it was soft and starting to disentigrate. I would never recommend anything other than 100% silicone.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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