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About 2 months ago I set up a 20 gal tank into a paludarium with shallow pond on one end and hidden pump on the other for a waterfall return. I acquired some "pillow moss" at the Daytona Reptile show in August and it forms a lush vegetative matt over the aliflor and Atlanta-botanical-garden-mix substrate. An alocasia is planted on one end, and have a small Crptanthus, some Pepperomia, a fern, and Phalanopsis orchid on the other end. The plants have really taken off. The small fern is sending runners all over the place and up the back wall (tree fern panels). My Alocasia is quickly outgrowning the tank with new leaves trying to push the acrylic top off.
Anyway, I hope to get 2 or 3 leucs later this month to place in the vivarium. Wingless fruit flies shouldn't be a problem, however, I am concerned about other insects or live foods that may pose a threat to my plants. How do you keep pinhead crickets from hiding out and becoming a nuisance pest that devours your plants? What about springtails ?? I would think that vivarium conditions would be ideal for them, though I don't think they are a threat to plants, and may be a benificial inhabitant that helps breakdown detritus and provide additional food. Are there other insects that I should be concerned about? I read an earlier posting that spoke of feeding frogs "field plankton". If I kept my frogs in a sterile set up (i.e - no plants) I wouldn't be concerned, but in a vivarium full of plants it sounds like a recipe for disaster. Are these valid concerns ?
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