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I have become fascinated with Blue jeans pumilio, and could possibly get ahold of some, and i was wondering about some things. Are pumilio more of a vertical species? Like are they more like the vents with what spaces they occupy in the vivarium? Also, what are the best bromeliads for pumilo? Thanks
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bromeliads for pumilio

One of easiest species of bromeliads is Neo. compacta. They do not get overly large but provide enough water in the leaf bracts for the pumilio to successfully raise their young. They will grow with two fluorescent bulbs, and eventually they will create a canopy in the vivarium as they expand to catch the available light. Some breeders have reported more young being produced with misting systems, as this flushes out the water in the plants. Another thing to consider is using multiple bromeliads in a tank. Many eggfeeders seem to produce more in vivariums that offer many choices for raising young. The males will also have many perches to call from. Tropiflora in Sarasota FL has this bromeliad and you can order by mail.

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