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I have become fascinated with Blue jeans pumilio, and could possibly get ahold of some, and i was wondering about some things. Are pumilio more of a vertical species? Like are they more like the vents with what spaces they occupy in the vivarium? Also, what are the best bromeliads for pumilo? Thanks
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pumilio dwell in the leaf litter in the wil most of the time (as I understand it), but use bromeliads to rear their young... which are on trees. they will use all the space you give them. if you can get some blue jeans, HOOK ME UP :D ! lol. i would love to get some. as for their choice in broms... i have heard they prefer smaller ones... but i am unsure of this. i would like to see a study done (or if some one knows of one, please let me know) about which broms they choose and their success (which would be determined by more factors then just the brom type) with them. oh well, contact me privately if you can get some blue jeans for me lol.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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