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D. pumilio (Robalo)

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What camera?

I think I remember you sold you Dig. Rebel...was that w/ a 20D? I love my 20D.

Great pic!
What camera?

OK, you sold your Dig. Rebel...I think...was this pic taken w/ a 20D?

I love mine...

I'd post a pic I took w/ my 20D if I could figure out how (sad but true at this point).
What type of camera & lens?

Great pics...what equipment are you using including imaging software?

I'm just beginning to use my Canon 20D (see my avitar image).

I'll try to post an image of mine...but I've been unable to so far...what am I doing wrong?

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Are you pleased w/ the Sigma?

I'm about to buy one, your pics look great...I'd love your thoughts on the lens.

1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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