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D leucomelas natural environment video.
I enjoy nature and its colorful animal inside it. That’s why for a long time, I studied and possessed salt water tanks. The fishes within marine tanks are extremely color full and exquisite. Due to time and location I couldn’t keep them much longer. Marine aquariums are high maintenance as a result of water changes and water parameters. After some time just like having a piece of the coral reef, one can have a piece of the rainforest. I read that people had poison dart frog as pets, that is lower maintenance then marine aquariums. Next the impulsive behavior started. LOL much like marine aquariums, this hobby is additive.
I will be piecing together my third vivarium which mimics that of PDFs natural environment due to my studies. I have seen countless vivariums which are too wet yet some genera done live in wet environments, they still require some dry places to hang out. They require some dry litter and high humility. I allow the leucomelas to decide when it is too wet or too dry by constructing a waterfall. Bromeliads get too large and I’m only constructing a 29g tank this time with photos and videos. Leucomelas spend most of the time on the ground on leaf litter, rotten trees and braches . PDFs don’t spend day in and day out staying wet constantly because humility helps them from drying out or dehydrating. If in need of water, when water source is out of reach, they utilize plants like Bromeliads to dip their bodies in. I am aware that establishing a dart frog habitat is an art within everyone’s creation, but Frogs comfortably comes first. I have done some analysis using pc fans and it’s just common sense to have one in a vivarium. Plants produce oxygen which must be moved around and never stay stagnates. I've come across in the wild when on vacation, PDFs hopping along for hours and no rain for up to two days. Ground is dry but under the forest litter it is humid. Some PDFs just soak themselves for hours at times in plants that have gathered rain water. This forum has educated me with a lot but, I never provided a piece of my knowledge and opinions in this forum. Therefore I will like to make this my first post and share this video I came across on the net last year. Pay much attention to the leucomela’s environment. Science and analysis is key to the survival of PDFs. Enjoy
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