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D. duellmani

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Can anyone tell me about the status of D. duellmani in the hobby? Is it established? A few poached individuals?

How about terrarium observations? Is it any different from the other thumbs?

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What are your thoughts on the differences between Red Amazonicus and Red Vents or do you think there isn't a difference anymore? Is there any truth to the hour glass markings on the chin that suggest Red Amazonicus?
Whoa Ric or Evan, BS is a little strong! This is a legitimate question that I had rolling around my noggin. I have looked at many, many pictures and I can't tell if there is a difference at all. To me they look like Rent Vents or some variation thereof. When you say this will be cleared up in the foreseeable future, I take this to mean that there will be molecular work done in Kyle Summer’s lab. What kind of time frame can we expect?
If they all turn out to be Red Vents, what kind of guide lines, if any, should be implemented to keep from mixing?
No worries mate. 8) That sounds exciting and I look forward to the results!

I am aching for a trip to South Amerca so I might just take you up on that offer...seriously! Maybe, we can make it a Dendroboard group trip. I'll extend the same offer to you if you ever happen to find yourself in Washington, DC...seriously! Although there are no native PDFs in DC, we are famous for other creatures. :shock:

ryalan said:
Everybody who come to Iquitos I would be ready to meet
Just call me
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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