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D. duellmani

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Can anyone tell me about the status of D. duellmani in the hobby? Is it established? A few poached individuals?

How about terrarium observations? Is it any different from the other thumbs?

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A few are available in Europe. At this moment I'm waiting to get a few froglets from a friend of mine but they are very rare. The species is very aggresive and it's a grounddwelling frog just as reticulatus is. These are probably close relatives.

There's the Peruvian form that was imported as quinquevittatus some 10 years ago. I don't think the ones available now are descendants from the imports though. My guess is that some where smuggled not very long ago.
Legal status of these is not really known because of the imports 10 years ago.

The Ecuadorian form without the yellow lateral stripes must be illegal because they where never legally imported.

I don't know if any are available in the US but I doubt it..

haha... ofcourse you do! If we all just lived where you live.....

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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