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D. duellmani

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Can anyone tell me about the status of D. duellmani in the hobby? Is it established? A few poached individuals?

How about terrarium observations? Is it any different from the other thumbs?

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as you wish Jon, though with this group of frogs little is concrete and much is speculation at this time.

first the retics Christina describes can all be found within close proximity to Iquitos, and i would not doubt they would be what people in europe and japan refer to as duellmani or red duellmani, but it is possible that striped retics are being sold as duellmani. the pops i am familiar with from standard retic, to spotted and fully striped all behave the same, the only difference from the standard retics than i can tell is some individuals in one of the striped populations lack the red chin spot...

the red duellmani which look often almost identical to the striped retics are generaly from up the rio napo region and into ecuador. i am not familiar with the chin patterns of these frogs as i have never seen them in the feild, but dorsal and lateral views look nearly identical to some striped retics i have seen pics of another "duellmani" type frog supposedly collected near nauta, the chin was remiiscent of an ventri type frog, but everything else appeared to be striped retic, maybe this is the red duelmanni, I personally am highly sckeptical of the collection data on this one.

the frog i know as "duellmani" is from the tamshiyacu region and has generally three orange dorsal stripes with two yellow lateral stripes, this frog also has similar pops in western brazil, apparently this is being rediscribed at the moment. this one is a beautiful frog , primarily terrestrial as well, often lives in sympatry with flavovittatus and an interesting ventrimaculatus. the colours on this frog are incredible, and has to be seen to be fully apreciate it.

ill be back in peru for another 6 weeks at the end of this month, so i may know more then, actually i'll probably come back more confused than ever, but i will have some more pics atleast.
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Christina, the last pic in the quinq guide could be the red duellani to, if it is indeed from ecuador likely not a striped retic, and if it is an arboreal frog again likely not a duellmani, really need more info than a blurry dorsal shot and the country of origin. I gree is does look similar to some striped retics i have seen. My gut would say its "duellmani-esque" but again this is just speculation.

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