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D. duellmani

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Can anyone tell me about the status of D. duellmani in the hobby? Is it established? A few poached individuals?

How about terrarium observations? Is it any different from the other thumbs?

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In 1998 198 D. reticulatus were imported, plus 636 in 1999 and 176 in 2000. (stats from CITES trade database). The retics that came in on these importations ranged from looking like the standard retics with the solid red back and maybe a few dots towards the rump to some that had broken dashes to a few that were completely lined down the back. The latter looked a lot like what folks are calling D. duellmanii. I still am confused as to how they would be classified and why. The frog described by Shockfrog sounds exactly like what we saw come in.

Some of these lined retics or whatever they should be called are still in the US hobby, and are legal to boot.

Thanks Mark, that was really useful.

I have seen frogs that look exactly like the striped retics being called D. duellmani, I suspected that this was a misnomer, or at least probably should be.

I am confused by the last frog on the quinq morph guide, this looks like a striped retic but they have chosen to call it ventrimaculatus, I really would like to know why. I will e-mail Lars and ask.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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