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Hello everybody,
i am new to here and i am also new to dartfrogs (however i am not completely new to keeping amphibians, just dartfrogs) and i would appreciate an advice.
I have bought two young D. auratus "green" about three weeks ago. I keep them in 40x40x50 cm terrarium, some plants inside (some ferns, Dischidia sp. geri etc.), cork bark backround and cork bark on walls for climbing. Temperatures 25 - 28 °C, high air humidity. I feed them with Drosophila hydei, all dusted by Dendrocare. They are quite active - especially when they see the fruit flies = no problems with feeding.
Yesterday i noticed some brown tiny spots (max. 1 mm in diameter, probably smaller) on them - pictures will show the best i think. The spots are circled on the first photo.
The question: Is it something i should be worried about? Should i visit a vet? Or i am just too careful and its nothing?

Thank you in advance for opinions

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