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Very nice, Ray!

Now I need to find a tire that fits in a 20gallon tank. J/K
If I could find a tank big enough to use a tire as the focal point, I definitely would. That could look amazing.

I think one of my favorites was in the last issue of Leaf Litter where auratus on a beach in Colombia were depositing tadpoles in old hospital bedpans and various other washed-up pieces of debris.

I also remember an anecdotal bit of info from someone who used to visit family in the vally on Oahu growing up--he remembers a lot of the properties were full of trash and garbage that the tenants/residents didn't throw away. He thought maybe that (coupled with a couple plant nurseries in the valley) were what enabled the introduced D. auratus to actually gain a foothold in establishing there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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