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I do a "down cycle" on adult pums at the beginning of every winter (about november), I drop the temps by 2 °C, misting only 1-2x a week (average humidity at about 50%), feeding only 1-2x a week. This takes about 2 weeks for my frogs to calm down. In march I go back up again to breeding settings, my darklands start to call immediately, other morphs might take some more time. Make sure to supplement well during the winter feeding so they don't lack anything.

Some will have to remove the males from the breeding tanks, as some male pums won't stop calling... Also you won't see the frogs as often as they hide more during the dry period.

remove offspring immediately upon emergence and place them into a previously seeded grow out.
make sure you do like James said, froglets need a lot of food to develop.

This dryer period also happens in their natural habitat, google the temps and humidity of the region your frogs come from, that will give you a good indication.

Have a nice day

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