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After having a disaster with this bad boy on thursay night, ( the bottom glass panel broke) i was able to get a new piece installed and then planted today. Here are some photo's. I still have other plants I may want to fit in here :) I'll post up the species list soon..

After watching my 115 gallon grow in after I put over 80 plant species in, I decide to limit myself on future vivs. I am planning on having a few background creepers take over like the marcgravia and raphiodophora, while allowing the orchids a chance to fill in over the next few years.

A few cool things I have in there is:

Piper decoratum
Pearcea hyperocritifolia?
Syngonium rayii
Microsorum linguiforme
Trichosalpinx memor
Goodyera hispida
Macodes petola
Chamaeranthe venosum
Neo. "mo pepper"

My goal was to not use ANY generic plants, other than the neo fireballs of course
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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