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Crossbreeds, update

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This is an update for some of my older cross breeds reaching sexual maturity. i currently have 6 in this stage.

first let me say that i hope there is no bashing on this post for the simple reason that these frogs have been listed on here a few times before and most of the ppl who look at these threads should understand my reason for these frogs. and its not for profit, but for curiosity and further knowledge on the tintorius morph. This thread was not to be an argument

What i have noticed is that, most of the frogs have been losing alot of the yellow and been replacing it with black. there are still a couple that have kept the full yellow head and alot on the sides. These ones happen to be most striking to me. I have also noticed their bellies brightening up a bit and looking really cool. so far the offspring seem to be male heavy. i am pretty sure i have a couple females, but the males toepads are really easy to see on these guys. I'm actually happy that this cross breed was produced, the reason being that i think its a beautiful morph, and not only that i think they are just beautiful creatures in general. These frogs are still in a 15 gallon, but i think since they have been together for so long they are still getting along, i plan on housing these frogs in the 150 gallon where they were born. i should be able to house quite a few of these puppys in there.

any way i took some pics today here they are.

sorry about all the pics i tried getting a good mix, heavy yellow/ mostly black, bellys, toes, and what not


I'll get some pics of my azureus subs as well, ive got 8 right now and im pretty sure they are almost ready for some sexing, and ive got 7 azureus froglets, and still a ton of tads
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wow those are very nice looking. as long as they stay out of the hobby i dont care. i dont entirely see the point when there are already morphs that look close to that though. but atleaset you are responsible.

HOWEVER.....the problem i have with posting about it is the quote below:
what did you cross to get these. i was looking to get a pair of suriname cobalts but these are gorgeous! would you ever sell any?
seems like you encouraged a noob to want these. went from wanting a legitimate pair to wanting a science experiment.

i guess what im saying is its fine as long as they stay out of the hobby and make sure newbies know that natural accuring morphs are the way to go, and why it is so important.
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well that noob you say, has pm'd me and explained what his thoughts are on the matter, and has a pretty decent knowledge on this subject... he respected me for what i was doing. but anyways, i really get irked when people say natural occurring morphs, i guess it bothers me because, IN MY OPINION i feel we really aren't exactly sure what the natural occurring morphs are. dont mean to argue, its just my opinion and its quite strong confused a little. why are you telling us that we dont actually know what the natural occuring morphs are? just because they MIGHT mix in the wild, doesnt mean you should mix them in captivity to see what happens. what exactly is your purpose behind this? what are you looking for in the morph and the genes? what is the point? not only that but these shouldnt even be called a "morph".

by the way this as well is not hostile. just moving the conversation along to help me understand. cause i do think they are pretty. i think they are just as nice looking as alanis and cobalts, etc., etc. but they arent NATURAL, which is why i dont like them. exactly why i like this hobby over other herp hobbies.
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