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Crossbreeds, update

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This is an update for some of my older cross breeds reaching sexual maturity. i currently have 6 in this stage.

first let me say that i hope there is no bashing on this post for the simple reason that these frogs have been listed on here a few times before and most of the ppl who look at these threads should understand my reason for these frogs. and its not for profit, but for curiosity and further knowledge on the tintorius morph. This thread was not to be an argument

What i have noticed is that, most of the frogs have been losing alot of the yellow and been replacing it with black. there are still a couple that have kept the full yellow head and alot on the sides. These ones happen to be most striking to me. I have also noticed their bellies brightening up a bit and looking really cool. so far the offspring seem to be male heavy. i am pretty sure i have a couple females, but the males toepads are really easy to see on these guys. I'm actually happy that this cross breed was produced, the reason being that i think its a beautiful morph, and not only that i think they are just beautiful creatures in general. These frogs are still in a 15 gallon, but i think since they have been together for so long they are still getting along, i plan on housing these frogs in the 150 gallon where they were born. i should be able to house quite a few of these puppys in there.

any way i took some pics today here they are.

sorry about all the pics i tried getting a good mix, heavy yellow/ mostly black, bellys, toes, and what not


I'll get some pics of my azureus subs as well, ive got 8 right now and im pretty sure they are almost ready for some sexing, and ive got 7 azureus froglets, and still a ton of tads
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I have a really problem with people crossing ever you're not hiding behind said what you did and why you did it and you're not selling them so they're really no need for any one even the most hard core among us to start bashing you.. Thank you for representing your frogs for what they are.
So then more terribillis need to be removed from the wild to make a viable bank of captive genes?? Would it not be better(and more in line with the arguement) to end the removal of any new species of frogs from the wild and concentrate on habit preservation. I gues that cannot really happen with species currently in the trade since it would be next to impossible to determine if they were illegally taken from the wild or captive bred.
You really need to ask Mark Pulowski (i hope i dint butcher your name that bad sir!) about this but I am pretty shore thier where 6 bloodlines that came in on the mint terribilis but they where not labeled as what blood line was what...I am not shore on the orange but I think ALL the yellows came from 1 pr of frogs....
I am only saying this because, as much as I would like to believe otherwise, I think frog reintroductions are going to be really difficult. Though when the environmental conditions are better, I think amphibian conservation ought to be attempted.
Reintroducing any thing can be tuff thats not to say its impossible.
I think the biggest problem with the thread was from page 1 when the word hybrid is used.. Every time that word gets used this is where we end up fighting, bickering, pointing fingers. When this thread first came out I thank him for REPRESENTING his animals for what they are..I never said i liked them or agreed with them or thought them being maid was a good idea... Any one thats been paying attention to my stance on hybrids or has read my blogs on DB now where I stand on this...It's the same place where most people do. We don't need to beat a dead horse every time this word comes up...People have the right to make up thier own minds and us pushing our beliefs on them instead of explaining why we believe in it is not going to help the cause..Please lets just get back to the frogs and drop this before its a locked thread...
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