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Crossbreeds, update

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This is an update for some of my older cross breeds reaching sexual maturity. i currently have 6 in this stage.

first let me say that i hope there is no bashing on this post for the simple reason that these frogs have been listed on here a few times before and most of the ppl who look at these threads should understand my reason for these frogs. and its not for profit, but for curiosity and further knowledge on the tintorius morph. This thread was not to be an argument

What i have noticed is that, most of the frogs have been losing alot of the yellow and been replacing it with black. there are still a couple that have kept the full yellow head and alot on the sides. These ones happen to be most striking to me. I have also noticed their bellies brightening up a bit and looking really cool. so far the offspring seem to be male heavy. i am pretty sure i have a couple females, but the males toepads are really easy to see on these guys. I'm actually happy that this cross breed was produced, the reason being that i think its a beautiful morph, and not only that i think they are just beautiful creatures in general. These frogs are still in a 15 gallon, but i think since they have been together for so long they are still getting along, i plan on housing these frogs in the 150 gallon where they were born. i should be able to house quite a few of these puppys in there.

any way i took some pics today here they are.

sorry about all the pics i tried getting a good mix, heavy yellow/ mostly black, bellys, toes, and what not


I'll get some pics of my azureus subs as well, ive got 8 right now and im pretty sure they are almost ready for some sexing, and ive got 7 azureus froglets, and still a ton of tads
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what did you cross to get these. i was looking to get a pair of suriname cobalts but these are gorgeous! would you ever sell any?
what did you cross to get these. i was looking to get a pair of suriname cobalts but these are gorgeous! would you ever sell any?
Am I right when I say D.tinctorius Citronella and D. azures?

They are beautiful, but I wouldn't buy them for obvious reasons. Still nice looking frogs though.
Alanis -Male
Citronella - Female

and no they are not for sale, thanks tho im glad that u think they are gorgeous...

i forgot to add in the original post... the most interesting thing i find about these frogs is... Neither prent has the bracelets like these crosses do, and neither frog has the small black dots all over like these do, the alanis has some blue webbing on its legs and a little bit under its belly, but nothing like these guys, citronella only has a line of black dots on its underbelly where the belly meets the flanks... i just found this quite interesting
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Im not bashing, those are beautiful, and you know better than to do something irresponsible with them. Just think, you have a frog that may exist nowhere else on earth. I think this kind of thing is just fine for people like you to mess with, just not to release into the hobby for the masses
they are certainly gorgeous do keep us updated to see if they breed or turn out sterile
Congrats on a reasonable post.

Also....Thank you for saying you are not going to sell or transfer any of these and I have no reason to think otherwise.

While it's hard to "not like" any animal....I can honestly say, I would rather not see a frog look like that.

hopefully new hobbyists will gravitate to the pure morphs.
You can really see the inferalanis traits in most of them. Pretty interesting looking.
but if it were discovered in the wild? im sure you'd say other wise....unless you're not a fan of the larger Dendrobates frogs
jub jub, my alanis was sold to me as just regular Alanis..... here is a pic, let me kno what you think

i notice the little streaks on the knee caps, and also it has a tiny little bracelet, i guess its feet too
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The yellow bracelets and the yellow side patches are very striking.
I like jub jub.:D

I am glad you aren't going to sell them, but now I am wondering what their kids may look like what traits are dominant and recessive etc. Keep us posted on your Crossbreeds. Btw, is their a specific name for this type of crossbreed?
hahah well Rich Frye gave them the Name, Alanacit some time ago, so thats what ill call them. im interested in the kids as well, if they do breed ill keep one egg, cull the rest.
I forgot it was a regular alanis. Although from everything I understand they are assumed to be the same.
yeah thats why i never really specify, i jus say alanis
I would rather not see a frog look like that.
Kind of an odd thing to say as these frogs look very similar to some of the other tinc morphs
maybe he means the depraved look the one in pic #5 is giving the
I'd eat you if only you were a bit smaller
yeah sld dave, i agree, thats why i said if they were discovered in the wild i'd bet he would not say that
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Just to clarify, I DO NOT mix my frogs. I don't want to bash anyone (especially when they are being semi-responsible), but I fear that these posts of crossbred frogs may encourage others (especially those inexperienced "can I mix these frogs" kind of people) to do the same and somehow...somewhere...those frogs may end up being introduced back into the hobby as the morph they most resemble. Not bashing, just making a comment.
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yeah i understand that lisa, but hopefully ppl can also use me as a learning situation and realize that ppl can make cross breeds and not release them into the public, and use them for personal satisfaction and knowledge of the tinc morphs. with that being said there are other people out there that do cross breed tincs purposely, they just might not do or say it publicly like i have done in my past threads about these frogs. The bottom line is that ppl are gonna do what they want to do. I just find the tinctorius morph fascinating, and interesting and i am not going to believe that what we have found in the wild are the only true morphs to date.

happy st patties day every1!!!
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