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The smell has a lot to do with what you feed them and how clean you keep them, unfortunately its a lot like keeping mice lol. You can't just let them sit there and eat and what not, you have to at least sweep out the droppings every day to every other day and keep the eggcrate dry (so you don't get mold) and its really not that bad. They just take a bit more effort when you are keeping large containers of them than the same amount of fruit flies does. Overpopulating the tanks and not keeping them healthy (thus having a lot of death) are also other causes for them being a big stink. It really doesn't take that many adults to get a ton of pinheads, 24 in a ten gallon will give you thousands, more than most need.

If you go back a couple pages on this forum, the topic of how to breed them has come up multiple times, and I know I've given the full lowdown on how I've done it in the past at least twice on this forum.

Sadly now adays due to a severe allergy I developed to them over the years I look like I'm working in the CDC or going into surgery when I work with them, dust mask so I don't inhale, chem goggles so the dust doesn't get in my eyes, and I have to wear rubber gloves if I have cuts on my hands, otherwise I just have to was my hands and arms after I'm done working with them. That was real fun when two years ago my job in the lab was to breed thousands of them.

FFs are the easiest feeder bug I've ever worked with and I've run into a LOT over the years. FFs spoil everyone on their ease of care :wink:
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